June 4, 2015


How do I add you as a user on the website?

This video walks you through the steps to adding me as a user on your website.
It takes about 20 seconds to complete. Easiest thing to do on the website!

What is the cost?

Cost depends on whether you need page content or a full site build. You can reference our pricing section for more detail.

How do I start?

Starting is easy! Simply fill out the questions found on our Get Started page to get us the information needed for us to begin. Please email us if you have any questions at all! 🙂

When do I have to pay?

We request a 50% deposit to commence work on the site. Once the site is completed, you will be sent a preview link so you can approve the site and launch. The final 50% payment is due prior to launch or two weeks after you receive the preview link (whichever is first).  We accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept checks and PayPal payments, however we cannot start your build until full payment is received.

How long will it take for my site to launch?

We know that time is of the essence for you and will do everything we can to expedite your site! Typical builds take 5-14 business days, depending on how quickly your MLS board approval comes in. If you need a shorter time frame or longer to pull your information together, please make sure we are aware of any deadlines you may have. Thank you.

What is the benefit to having my site professionally built instead of doing it myself?

Time. Expertise. We build sites constantly and stay informed of changes and best practices. Because we have worked on so many sites, we have learned tricks and techniques that can  make your site do some pretty amazing things that you won’t find in the Real Geeks docs section. Plus, we eliminate the learning curve to get your site online ASAP and build it to the specifications recommended by Jeff Manson and his Real Geeks team.

How do I see examples of your past work?

Check our reviews to see what our clients have to say (and see screenshots of their sites) or click here to see a current link list.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium Builds?

A basic build includes everything you need to be up and running (plus a few valuable extras) such as 75 area pages. A premium build includes specialty items, such as custom linked maps and buttons, multiple main images, custom forms, or other features you may request. Basically a premium build requires more expert detail, care and time, so costs a little more.

Why choose Real Geeks?

Because they are AWESOME! But, we don’t work for them and we aren’t Real Geeks salepeople, so your best bet is to call them direct and ask. 😉

On a side note, we are your independent contractor, which is why you pay us directly rather than paying Real Geeks for our services.

How do I get content for the site?

We can transfer your existing site content (and compile your redirects). If you do not have an existing site, we are happy to provide you with our stock buy, sell and team pages so that you can be ready to launch. We also provide custom blog posts as our gift to you when we launch your site to help with your initial indexing. If you’d like to purchase additional content, such as community pages or pages on specialty topics, please let us know or visit our pricing page.

What content should I place on my buy and sell pages?

Your own, if it’s good. If not, we can add our stock buy and sell pages and weave in your area real estate keywords so that it “sounds” legitimate. This won’t work for organic search, but it definitely provides value if you are only concerned with paid search results. We can create custom buy and sell pages (they rock!) as well. Please reference our pricing page for details.

How can I make my site stand out from others?

Hire us. We create beautiful sites that perform well in search and in PPC campaigns!

What if I don’t have any team bios?

We can provide a stock team page OR we can write you a complete set of professional bios. Let us know what you need and reference pricing on our pricing page.

Where do the site pictures come from? Can I use my own?

Hopefully they are yours or ones you have purchased. If not, we can help you find stock images that will make your site look great. PLEASE do not Google for images you will hurt the integrity and search value of your site AND could receive fines. Using Google images without permission is a violation of copyright law. Search background images render best at 2200 pixels wide by 550 pixels tall.

Why should I choose NeedSomeoneToBlog to build my site?

There are so many reasons!

  1. We know your business. We’ve been building real estate websites on many platforms for over nine years and know the industry.
  2. We know SEO. We’ve been optimizing websites and website content for more than 22 years, since 1996.
  3. We know content. In fact, Jen Miller wrote the Book on Content, available at Amazon in paperback, Kindle or as an Audible download. You can also take her Create Great Content course, if you are a do-it-your-selfer.

Need more reasons? Read our client reviews. We work for some pretty amazing people! You should join them. 😉

What happens after I am launched? Will I be abandoned?

No, even if you think you are a difficult, disorganized, or impossible client, we will still be there for you. We want your site to perform well and will never abandon you.

What is the benefit of adding blogging to my site?

Current content feeds search engines and blog posts are perfect for that!! We set up your site a bit different when we know you will be an active blogger, so be sure to let us know. If you decide to have us blog for you, you get the added benefit of social posting which further boosts your site in search engines and develops your authority as a community and industry expert.

PLUS, an active blog really defines you as someone who cares about your community, a quality many home buyers and sellers admire and refer.

When will I see results?

It really depends on your overall plan, domain age, current traffic, competition and content. We recommend building as many area pages and adding original community content to at least 6 of them when you launch. Our clients who launch with a PPC campaign and content bring more traffic to their site quickly and establish authority in search, however we also have clients who have relied solely on content and blogging who rank very well quickly.

Do you outsource your blogging overseas?

No, absolutely not. We have a team of writers at NeedSomeoneToBlog who love to write. We research, we interview, we immerse ourselves in learning about your area so that we can provide the best custom written, original content available for you and your website. We add an appropriately named stock image to each post and optimize all titles and tags for search as well. You’ll love our content and be happy to know that each of our writers resides in the United States and speaks English. Most even have advanced degrees (which is why we love to research!).

Can I add videos to my Real Geeks website?

Yes. We can place small videos in the sidebar on the right or you can feature larger videos in the main content area on the left. We recommend first placing your video in youtube so you can be indexed in their search engine and embedding the code from your channel or video into your website. There is no additional charge to add videos to your site.

How do I launch the new website?

Your new site will be hosted by Real Geeks on their Amazon server. This ensures that you will have all updates and enhancements as they are released. You will not need to manage your web security or updates – they will maintain it for you.

When it is time to launch we will guide you through the process with Real Geeks, making sure that your mx records are set correctly (so your email does not have issues) and your site goes LIVE. If you have any vanity domains or forwards you want to implement, we will assist you in that as well.

What are redirects and do I need them?

When you or one of your clients moves into a new home, they need to forward their mail to ensure their current letters and bills with come to their new address. Redirects are the same thing, only in web form. We use redirects to forward existing website traffic and SEO from your former site to your new Real Geeks website. This service is included in your build cost although only works IF you are launching on the same domain.  It must be done before we launch your site. Please ask us if you have specific questions on redirects and your website strategy.

What size do my images need to be?

It really varies on what template we are using for your Real Geeks site. I recommend 2200 pixels wide by 550 pixels high for the Miranda thin theme which means that your image is panoramic in nature. If you prefer a taller photo, please let me know you want your site build on the full Miranda. Full Miranda site images should be 2200 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Please send your photo so it can be cropped as needed to deliver the most impact.

Can I have 5 rotating images as my main slideshow?

At this time Real Geeks sites feature a static image, so you are limited to one main image on the home page. You can employ many types of files, including embedded slideshows, gifs and videos elsewhere on the site, however.

I see maps on many of your websites. Can I add one?

The interactive map search is a feature built into the Real Geeks platform on the advanced search page. Coded search maps are included with our premium build service or can be added to your site post-build for a fee. We offer a variety of styles and options, please ask to see current examples.

How can I bring more traffic to my site?

How quickly do you need it? The fastest way to spike traffic legitimately is with promotional ads or PPC. Long term results come from organic traffic which is generated through original and current website content and promotion. We offer post-launch packages that include content development, blogging and social promotion, and email campaigns that can be started on launch or anytime after.

Do the meta descriptions and titles matter on my Real Geeks website?

Yes, they do. Each should be customized per page, highlighting keywords for that page, to allow the best opportunity of being found in search.

Do you offer website maintenance plans?

Yes, we do! Real Geeks provides your website hosting and IDX feed subscription, but we can help you care for your site post launch at a variety of levels. Check here for general maintenance plans.

We also strategize content and SEO plans for clients focused on organic search results and ranking. Check our companion site, NeedSomeoneToBlog.com or ask us for details.

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